Download Hubstaff

Automatically track time from your desktop

The Hubstaff app will stay out of your way and installs in seconds. We built it to be lightweight and fast so it won't slow your computer down. If you experience any issues please contact our support team.

Windows screenshot

Hubstaff for Windows

Compatibile with Windows 2000/XP or newer
Version 1.2.11 (Stable)
Mac OS X screenshot

Hubstaff for Mac OS X

Compatibile with 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer
Version 1.2.12 (Stable)
Linux screenshot

Hubstaff for Linux

Compatibile with 3 year old or newer linux distribution
Version 1.2.11 (Stable)
iOS screenshot

Hubstaff for iOS

Compatibile with iOS 7 or newer
Ios badge
Version 1.2.2 (Stable)
Android screenshot

Hubstaff for Android

Compatibile with Android 4.1 or newer
Android badge
Version 1.2.2 (Stable)
Chrome screenshot

Hubstaff for Chrome

Compatibile with Compatibility
Version 0.9.2 (Stable)
Chromebook screenshot

Hubstaff for Chromebook

Compatibile with Google Chrome 46 or newer
Version 0.9.2 (Stable)